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Our mission is to give startups, small & medium businesses a fighting change against the ‘big boys!’ by equipping them to build UNFORGETTABLE BRANDS … not just businesses with deep pockets – here are just a few of those we’ve helped so far.


What small businesses are saying …

Steph Glover

Wales, UK

Designer & Artist

“When I started the Branding Masterplan, I had no idea where I was heading, now, I feel so much more clearer and focused.

I just feel excited for the future now because I’ve got some goals that I can work towards, which I would never have done on my own without the Branding Masterplan.

Yeah, if anyone is considering started the Branding Masterplan and they haven’t
actually started their business yet, I would say just go for it, even if you are unsure where you want the business to head.

I just think we are really lucky to have this resource available, especially as a new business.

I think it’s very hard to think that you need to spend so much money on branding. This is a great way around it.

Paul Raven

Tea Traders - Wales, UK

Tea Shop & Tea Retailer

“I’m going through this process because I want to evolve our business and take it further.

I had some ideas of projects that we needed to work on and see through, but was well aware I needed help with that as well. So taking on this Branding Masterplan was a really good way of engaging, much more strongly with the process of rebranding and refocusing on where we’re going forward.

It’s definitely a journey, it’s definitely got some pain barriers to go through but it’s really involved me fully in understanding the decision making process, in challenging some of my preconceptions on giving me reasons why, not just relying on gut instincts and on my personal preferences.

It’s really challenged me to think about the customer that we’re trying to reach and not about the business that I have now, my little bubble that I exist in … and how we’re really going to reach out and grow the business and take it forward.

And the Branding Masterplan has had enormous detail, taking a huge amount of time. I’m constantly revisiting it, tweaking it and going back and sometimes rewriting whole sections of it, but each time I do that, I’m honing in closer and closer to the core of our focus and that’s been really, really helpful.

I really benefited from the self study, from the videos that go alongside the plan and the ability to do that at my own pace.

And I’ve gone through it quite focused and quite quickly in sections and then reread, adjusted and reflected and gone back to sections as well.

So, a very robust training program, good to have the classes as well to be able to open up and meet the other students and engaging some dialogue and very interesting and enjoyable experience and that I’m looking forward to going on further to help my business and to help my understanding more fully.

When we started this process, we’ve already been in business for 3.5 years and there were lots about the business that we liked and that we wanted to hold on to and it was very challenging to move through an experience of letting go of parts of the business that we really and love ourselves and to realize that what we’re doing is still going to be our business, but actually it’s going to be a business that is more accessible to people other than ourselves and to reach out to a new audience. And so those decisions to rebrand, to give up on things that we, that we were very reluctant to, but having gone through that and actually to go through the Branding Masterplan to help understand the reasoning behind those decisions and has been very valuable and it’s been very challenging, but it’s more and more clear why we’re making those decisions.

Each step we take, consolidates the decisions and we get closer and closer to where we need to be going, that’s take the business forward.

And so for us, this experience has been really worthwhile because it’s allowed us to try and consolidate, but also, it’s given us a way forward. It’s given us hope in quite difficult trading times that we cannot only survive, but that we can actually grow the business now by presenting our business to customers in a way which is easier for them to engage with us.

I’m hopeful that our business is going to do well going forward.

We had the idea to start our own business and we came from stable employment, reached a point in our careers where we wanted to take that step and become self employed and we had an idea for our business and then we took the leap.

We researched, we visited, we looked into different aspects of the business that we’re evolving, but ultimately we took a leap and we took that leap based on our instinct and we crossed our fingers and see how it’d go? And as soon as we did that, we realized what a giant leap we’d made and, hugely enjoyable, hugely rewarding. But a whole lot of risk came along with that as well. And tools like this Masterplan and this opportunity to have some guidance and some strategies, some tried and tested strategies that will help us improve the business from where we are now.

We’ve done well, we’ve survived 3.5 years. We’ve grown the loyal customer base. We’ve made achievements in the business that we’re pleased with. But we’ve done that on instinct and instinct will only get you so far.

Instinct will only get you so far.

And what we’ve gained from going through this process is a real understanding of what it takes to take our business to the next level and how to get there and, I really recommend that to anyone in our position, anyone who is considering making a step to self employment, anyone who started that route, and it’s not sure that they’re heading in the right direction.

This is really worthwhile. When you’ve got so many calls on your time, so many pressures to juggle as an entrepreneur, then finding time to do this sort of activity may not seem as important until you start the journey and once you get on this road and you start going through the steps of this branding strategy, then it soon becomes clear to you how important and critical it is.

We had an idea to develop a new product to add to our product range. We’re coming out of this journey, having remodelled our whole business and that was necessary, and it shows for us a move from instinct to focus and understanding, and I can really recommend that to anyone who wants to take the step.”

James Cartright

Conquer Fitness - Wales, UK

Personal Training Coach

“The Branding Masterplan course has been very thought-provoking and it’s made me reassess a lot of the current things that I do and how I could do them better.

Throughout the thought processes that have been designed have made me dig a lot deeper than what I would see on the surface. Identifying those has given me a clear purpose and really identify for me what my mission statement, vision statement is to go forward and how I can implement that kind of change the way they do things on a daily basis that’s going to have a purpose and structure going forward.

I highly recommend the Branding Masterplan. It’s going to give your business so much purpose and direction and the thought processes that you wouldn’t go through yourself. It kind of puts that in place for you so you can really take your business up to the next level.

I thoroughly enjoyed the live classes and can’t wait for the next one. From the first session, I can see the thought processes behind what you’ve put together and can see how it’s going to pan out. It’s so clever what you’ve done, it’s really provoked a lot of thought into what I’m doing and given me so much clarity already on where I need to take things. You’re a genius. Thanks again, see you next week.”



“Since our last meeting things have taken off quite nicely, I started a 30 day free challenge and it had 180 members in the group!

Taking a lot of what I’ve learned and thought about the Masterplan, I established a new business model that incorporated a lot of my core values and gave me a new concept – a 12 week program of educating people about how to create lifestyle change through diet and fitness.

This program has given me a really clear vision and direction. I’ve since had 50 paid sign-ups already so I’m over the moon. It definitely wouldn’t have crossed my mind to do this if I hadn’t done the Branding Masterplan, so thank you.”

Alys Golding

Mum boss society - Wales, UK

Social Media Marketing Coach

“I’m fairly new to this business. During Covid season I managed to set up a completely new direction.

The Branding Masterplan has been really great and has come at the perfect time really to help me with setting it up with getting a clear idea of who I want to serve and what I want to do and what my message is, and getting that out there to the public.

I definitely recommended the Branding Masterplan – the amount of hands-on workable things we’ve been doing in the live sessions has been really, really helped me to be able to think through things, voice it out and being able to bounce ideas off people as well has being really, really useful.

So yeah, I would definitely recommend joining one of the live classes because it really does help keep you accountable as well whilst you’re doing it.”

Obinna Anyadike

Joviality Health & Wellness - UK


Fitness & Wellness Coach

“I really enjoyed my time with the Branding Masterplan.

I thought I knew a lot about my business, but the Branding Masterplan live sessions helped show me a lot of things, removed the waste and made me more focused. So I thank Dan a lot for that.

I think my greatest take-away from this whole process has been the after-process because I really thought about it for a long time, brought something up when I came on, I still have something to strip out.

For every small business I advise you to sign up to the Branding Masterplan to have a look at your plan, an in-depth look into your plan and see where it goes from there. Thanks”

Lisa Fearn

Y Sied - Wales, UK

Café & Cookery School

“The Branding Masterplan has been wonderful for me because I feel as though I fell into business 12 years ago. I’ve done a little bit of branding since but I didn’t really know which direction I was heading in or why I was going there. I think that’s where this course has come in really useful.

I recommend it to any small businesses that don’t really know why they’re doing what they do.

It’s good to focus on the parts of your business that you don’t really pay attention to. I think as a small business owner, you intend to do what you know, do what you like, and hope to make money at the end of it. But I think there’s more to it than that if you want to become successful. 

Understanding the dynamics and the mechanics behind how and why a business is successful or not is huge. It’s complex and I’ve left every workshop exhausted … in a good way … and equally motivated and enthused to do more work during the week.

I come back every week thinking I want more. It’s like listening to a good podcast, like you just want to switch on.”

Nina Vangerow

Wales, UK

Artist & Online Course Creator

“Yeah, I feel that it really helped me to focus again on what I want to do, and it got me inspired again to think about branding and I know that branding was something that I’ve always been slightly putting off because it seems to be like such a huge task to do and I didn’t really know where to start and where to end.

The Branding Masterplan really, really helps because it has the individual steps and breaks it down so you know where to start and once you filled in one part it takes it to the next part.

It actually helps you to to fill in the next part, because it’s like a full-proof way to follow it through if you’re doing it correctly.

The other thing I found was that even outside the class I was just starting to think about things that I haven’t been thinking about before.  I got really inspired again about more areas of my business I wanted to work on or just had lots of ideas just started going around in my mind.

It was also brilliant to be able to connect with other business owners and just discuss ideas, especially at the moment when we don’t really have many people we can talk to or share ideas with.

Margaret Mouncer

Odd bods creations - Wales, UK

Jewellery & Trinket Box Maker

“I’m starting a business but didn’t have a clear way to start. And so I was recommended the Branding Masterplan to give me a basis of how to set up my business and how to actually make a successful business.

It’s helped me to direct where I want to go and it helped me to look at fine tuning different aspects in order to make it more successful to be more productive and to actually be good within the branding ideals.

The Branding Masterplan itself is a brilliant access point for anyone thinking of entering into a business atmosphere, whether that would be as a small business or as a giant commercial conglomerate, whichever, it’s still a brilliant basis for any stage of that journey.

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What industry leaders are saying …

Jacob Cass

Just Creative - australia


Founder & Brand Strategist

“There’s pretty much nothing out there at the moment quite like the Branding Masterplan.

I’m so happy that there’s something out there like this that can actually help business owners grow their brand strategically, and that is the crux of it!

This is a ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ toolkit vs a course . It’s very easy with Daniel helping you along the way. It’s done in a very logical manner.

Good luck with this toolkit, I highly recommend it! It is great, you’ll enjoy it.”

Maria Matlaub

GguTt - Italy


Founder & Product Strategist

“I had the change to see first-hand, the Branding Masterplan in the making and I know all about the hard work and hours it took to create – pulling out of Dan’s years’ of experience to create it.

Not only I’ve seen it getting built, but I also used it on my own business.

The format is outstanding! It’s not just a series of lectures, but a toolkit you can use straight away.

It follows the logic of drag & drop, you put in information, you get its meaning out. All documented. Ready to go.”

Luan Gama

Pixel Ink - Ireland

Creative Director & Co. Owner

“Looking for a branding strategy tool kit to elevate your branding? You have come to the right place!

I’m Luan Gama, creative director & co. owner of Pixel Ink Ltd., a branding & packaging design agency specialising in food & drink products within the FMCG sector.

Using this toolkit will help you get clarity on your objectives, determine the target audience, identify gaps of opportunity and uncover your brands key differentiator.

Design thinking supported and guided by a clear strategy are pivotal for a successful project. The Branding Masterplan toolkit provides me with an intuitive, comprehensive framework to conduct thorough workshops with clients (in person or remotely), that deliver a strategic plan with all the key insights required to inform the business and design decisions throughout the project.

Sam Caron

Splash - Belgium


Brand Strategist & Designer

“I must say this is the kind of thing I wish I had when I started out.

I had the honor to get a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look of Dan’s Branding Masterplan.

I think it’s the perfect tool for anybody getting started with brand strategy because he gives you an optimized process already.

He really guides you through the whole process from brand core, mission, vision, values, positioning, finding your ideal customer, all the way up to the brand identity and the brand launch.

But what I love the most about the tool is the documents that it automatically generates. So once you’re done with your brand strategy it generates your design brief just like that. You don’t have to copy and paste everything and it really saves you a lot of time.

I think it’s a great tool as well to collaborate with remotely. You can both work in a document at the same time.

I’m very excited to see this tool take shape because I know Dan works very hard at it. He’s a very experienced brand strategist and I can’t wait to see what he comes up

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